Good Grief

untitled (53)I am quickly understanding the problems WordPress bloggers have had trying to comment on my old Blogger blogs.  So far this morning, in trying to catch up on a little blog reading/commenting, I’ve encountered several Blogger blogs that required me to jump through hoops and make multiple attempts in order to comment with my WordPress ID.  One blog took six tries, doing the same thing each time, and finally it published!  In the process it shows that my comment will be anonymous, but it actually ends up showing my WordPress ID once it posts.  Every single Blogger blog is making me endure the Captcha game too… arrgghh!

There were two Blogger blogs that I really wanted to comment on but wasn’t even able to pull up the comment box to enter my info.  I’ve had this happen before on some Blogger blogs, and I’ve had people tell me that happens with my old blogs too.  I’ve also had friends that had to post comments to my old blogs as “Anonymous” because it refused to accept their ID.

I’ve had friends tell me that they aren’t able to comment on my Blogger blogs, usually after I asked them, and that leaves me wondering how many folks would have left a comment if they were able, or if they didn’t have to jump through hoops to do so.  If you are blogging on Blogger, you might be missing comments too!

Blogger has also become increasingly slow to publish comments to blogs,  and comments that are written and just disappear when you hit publish are all too frequent. We’ve all had that happen, and since I write long-winded comments it can be so frustrating to have one just vanish into thin air.

One has to wonder if Google/Blogger is intentionally trying to make things difficult for WordPress users, because it hasn’t done anything to address these long-standing issues with commenting.  I’ve tried all the comment settings they offer, it didn’t help.

While I am still learning the ropes of WordPress, and have work to do on my new blog, (and my old one to back up and archive), I am so thankful I finally took the plunge and made the switch from Blogger.  It’s not as difficult as I initially thought it would be.

I am going to try to remember to leave a link to my blog in each comment I write on other blogs, that way the author at least has a chance of finding their way back to me.

If you experience problems when trying to comment on any blog, PLEASE let the author know so that they are aware there is an issue.  I thought one of my friends just didn’t care enough about what I wrote to ever leave a comment, until I asked and learned they couldn’t.  If publishing a comment on someone’s blog takes more time and effort than writing the comment, something definitely needs to be done about it!

Ok, stepping off my grumbly soapbox now and returning to attempted commenting. 🙂