Thinking Out Loud 10/05/18

Do you believe in miracles? I do! I’ve witnessed too many not to believe.

I know someone who has run out of obvious answers and needs something more. I don’t make it a practice to tell God what I think He needs to do for me or in anyone else’s life because, while I don’t know His plans, I am certain they are a lot better than mine. Instead, I pray for comfort, strength, courage, and insight, and sometimes for miracles. Anything is possible if you believe. If you have a moment, please say a prayer for my friend. ♥️

While I’m on the subject of prayers, I want to express some gratitude for prayers answered…

I am so thankful that as of last night our kitty Smokey has turned the corner, and after five worrisome days is starting to feel better and act like himself again!

I am also thankful that my cold is a little better today, and that I no longer have to struggle with work issues when I am sick. I remember grumpy bosses and coworkers if you called in sick, and annoyed ones if you showed up and shared the germs… it’s a no win situation.

I am, as always, so thankful for my understanding and supportive spouse. He brought home yummy deli soup and sandwiches for supper last night, and overlooks the dust when I don’t have the energy to chase it.

Today I am also mighty thankful that someone close to me who is fighting cancer has faith strong enough to take the journey day by day.

One more prayer being answered every day… helping me learn to maintain balance and stay centered so that the winds of life and relationships don’t toss me to and fro. Peace begins within.

Have a good weekend coming up! Take time to do something that makes you happy, and a little time to do nothing at all!


Author: Josie Two Shoes

I've been blogging off and on since August of 2006. I adopted the pen name Josie Two Shoes in 2007 as I began a new chapter of my life standing on my own two feet. Now I'm married to the man of my dreams; we live in dusty West Texas with a house full of furkids. I am an Aquarian by birth, and although I am past sixty and slightly frayed around the edges, my fascination with this thing called life continues. Faith, family, and friends are important to me; so are honesty, trust, tolerance, compassion and kindness. I'm pretty up front about most things, so if you want to know something more about me, just ask! :-) You can also reach me by email and find me at my Facebook page.

4 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud 10/05/18”

  1. I believe in miracles and prayer. I don’t always understand the answers or the seemingly non-answers but I trust in the mercies of the Lord.
    How sweet of Papa Bear to bring home supper. Good to hear Smokey is doing better. I am usually happy and when I am not it doesn’t last long. I am very good at doing nothing so don’t need any encouragement.

    1. Like you, I am usually happy now in the sense of contentment. I don’t have bad weeks, and rarely bad days because I don’t let moments of frustration escalate like that. God is good, and life is a gift. I have also a little too good at doing nothing, or at least what I should be doing. 😊

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