Thinking Out Loud 10/04/18

Perspective means viewpoint, or the way we look at things. It is said that perspective is everything. I am thankful for reaching the place in life where I can acknowledge the viewpoints of others without feeling the need to defend my own perspective if it differs from theirs.

I have two sisters, one is two years older than me, one is three years younger. I am often surprised at how unalike our mindsets are, and how differently we remember and view events from our shared childhood.

Sometimes we all recall moments the same way, and other times you would swear we were raised in different homes! 🙂 Some events that felt major to me seemed minor to the one or both of them, or are not even recalled. On a few occasions I have even been challenged… “that never happened”, or I have found myself wondering “did she make that up?”

There are so many factors that effect our perspective… age, emotional makeup, values, previous experiences, comparison, and the status of our relationships, to name just a few. Consider the proverbial glass of water… is it really half empty or half full?

When I blog, engage in dialog, or comment on posts that other people have written, I am doing so from my perspective at this time and place in my life. My viewpoint of the same memory, event, or relationship has evolved with time. It could and probably does vary greatly from the way I saw the same issue five years ago, or ten, or sixty! New information or awareness might mean I see things totally different tomorrow, or a year from now.

What you read here, or have read on my previous blogs, reflects MY perspective on life. I freely acknowledge that I am not a source of great wisdom beyond my own personal truths, and I accept that you might disagree with me. The important thing to realize is that we don’t have to agree with each other in order to treat each other with kindness. I want kindness to be my way of life, and most days I’m getting better at that. Life is way too short for fussin’ and fightin’. 🙂

– JTS –

Author: Josie Two Shoes

I've been blogging off and on since August of 2006. I adopted the pen name Josie Two Shoes in 2007 as I began a new chapter of my life standing on my own two feet. Now I'm married to the man of my dreams; we live in dusty West Texas with a house full of furkids. I am an Aquarian by birth, and although I am past sixty and slightly frayed around the edges, my fascination with this thing called life continues. Faith, family, and friends are important to me; so are honesty, trust, tolerance, compassion and kindness. I'm pretty up front about most things, so if you want to know something more about me, just ask! :-) You can also reach me by email and find me at my Facebook page.

8 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud 10/04/18”

  1. I know what you mean. My sister and I are completely different and never seem to have the same recollection of past events.

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