Thankful Thoughts 9/11/18


Today I am thankful that I have reached the age and stage of life where I am not much concerned about what other people think of me. Ultimately I only have to answer to myself and my Creator for my thoughts and conduct. I try to do the right thing; somedays I am more successful at that than others, but I keep trying.

I know the intentions of my heart. If other people can’t see it or disagree with me, that’s their issue, not mine. I spent way too many years trying to please everyone but me, and nearly lost my own identity in the process.

I have always been one to speak my mind, if you ask my opinion you’ll get it! I am a “what you see is what you get” person without pretense. Outward image isn’t important to me, be it mine or yours. What is important is what’s on the inside, what I value. I don’t care if my beliefs or opinions differ from the masses… sometimes the m is silent when it comes to them. 😊

I am perhaps a little different than most people you know, some would say I’m downright weird. I’m ok with that. Maybe it’s an Aquarian thing. I’ve tried to be and act “normal” like everyone else, and it made me miserable. I am content to be who I am… imperfectly perfect, hangups and all.

I will never be young again, or thin, or beautiful by conventional standards, but I am not going to try to disguise that, or hide myself away. I embrace my age and I am confortable in my own skin. I’ve earned every gray hair (and so has my guardian angel).

I am working hard to overcome a lifetime of social anxieties, and there is no one I see as better than me, or worse. We all have our unique gifts and challenges, and I can say without hesitation that there is no one I wouldn’t welcome having a conversation with. We each have a story to tell, and if we share them we can learn from each other.


Author: Josie Two Shoes

I've been blogging off and on since August of 2006. I adopted the pen name Josie Two Shoes in 2007 as I began a new chapter of my life standing on my own two feet. Now I'm married to the man of my dreams; we live in dusty West Texas with a house full of furkids. I am an Aquarian by birth, and although I am past sixty and slightly frayed around the edges, my fascination with this thing called life continues. Faith, family, and friends are important to me; so are honesty, trust, tolerance, compassion and kindness. I'm pretty up front about most things, so if you want to know something more about me, just ask! :-) You can also reach me by email and find me at my Facebook page.

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