Escape Plan (A Six-Sentence Story)

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He shoved her hard and she stumbled backward, nearly falling; standing inches from here face, he dared her to push him back. But she knew how quickly things would escalate, so she spoke to him in quiet tones as she always did to calm his raging fury, while deep inside her heart told her that he’d crossed the line and there could be no turning back; it was time to hatch a plan for her survival.

As soon as he left the house to set up for his band gig that night she began making calls, first to her daughter in a nearby state to ask if she could come and stay with her for awhile, then to her boss to ask for time off to take care of personal business.

Quickly she put her plan into action, packing a suitcase and stowing it in trunk of her car, and putting a few personal treasures in a box in the back of a closet under quilts where they would be safe if he started smashing things when he discovered she was gone.

She played it cool when he came home to shower and dress before returning to the club where he would be playing, pretending to read a book though the words escaped her; she knew she needed to wait until the gig began so she would have enough time to get many miles away.

No sooner was he gone than he was back for a piece of sound equipment he’d forgotten, and she trembled inside to realize how easily he might have caught her; as his tail lights disappeared once again into the darkness she left a note for him on the counter, tossed her cats into their carriers, and drove away into the night.


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Author: Josie Two Shoes

I've been blogging off and on since August of 2006. I adopted the pen name Josie Two Shoes in 2007 as I began a new chapter of my life standing on my own two feet. Now I'm married to the man of my dreams; we live in dusty West Texas with a house full of furkids. I am an Aquarian by birth, and although I am past sixty and slightly frayed around the edges, my fascination with this thing called life continues. Faith, family, and friends are important to me; so are honesty, trust, tolerance, compassion and kindness. I'm pretty up front about most things, so if you want to know something more about me, just ask! :-) You can also reach me by email and find me at my Facebook page.

19 thoughts on “Escape Plan (A Six-Sentence Story)”

  1. Good six! And apropos. I just finished reading a novel about a domestic violence victim. It is something everyone should be watchful for. Good job.

  2. Good job conveying those feelings. I’m so glad that you were able to hatch a plan to escape and finally be able to live in safety and peace and have a hubby who treats you well.

    1. Thank you, I am too, Mimi! Those were very scary times and I was so ready to just give up on life. I am glad that I didn’t. This is why I keep telling people that there is always hope, even when we can’t see it on dark nights! ❤

  3. Virtual hugs Josie. Thank you for sharing an intense 6. The beauty of writing and sharing is we never know who will feel the impact of our words. Yours is an inspirational message of choice and courage.

    1. Thank you Denise! Although I have shared some of it before, it is still an emotional thing to write, draining. But writing sets us free, and it is an important message. We never know who around us is struggling, my family and coworkers had no idea of the hell I was living in.

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