A to Z – The ABC’s of Me: J


This is my seventh year of participation in the A to Z Challenge. My intent this year is to share a little bit about me each day… the good, the bad, and the ugly… so you can get to know “the woman behind the words” a little better!

Since my recent posts have been long and of a serious nature, I thought I’d shorten it up a bit today and give your eyes a rest. 🙂

I’m sure that most of you know that Josie Two Shoes isn’t my given name, though I wish it was.  My legal first name is Wendy and I’ve had five last names, counting my maiden name!  I’m keeping this one, and the awesome guy that gave it to me. 🙂

My middle name is Jo… that’s where the Josie part comes from.  I adopted the pen name Josie Two Shoes after I left my previous husband and moved out on my own. I wanted something to symbolize standing on my own two feet, but Josie Two Feet didn’t quite have the right effect… hence, Josie Two Shoes came into existence and I’ve used it ever since.

Even though Josie is not my legal name, I feels more real to me than Wendy does. Wendy has never really felt like it fit me well.  Since Josie is the identity I use in writing and blogging, it is also the name where I have been most open and real.  Anyone who knows me as Josie probably knows a lot more about me than those who don’t.

I originally started using a pen name as a means of deterring coworkers and family members from snooping, but it really isn’t very hard for anyone to track down my real identity if they are determined, I’ve even shared it now and then on my previous blog.

Obviously, if you have a public blog you do so with the expectation that people will be able to connect you to your writings, which is both a good thing and a risky thing.  As you’ve noticed I’m pretty much a “put it all out there” person, and I’ve experienced a bit of stalking/harassment from time to time, even going so far as to make my blog private, by invitation only, for awhile.  But it wasn’t any fun that way, because I never had the opportunity to meet new people or have them discover me.  So I’ll take the risk, and if someone has an issue with who I am or what I write, so be it, it is my reality and I am good with it.

One additional thought on privacy… have you ever had a friend or family member that read your blog regularly but didn’t tell you or ever write a comment, and then one day refers to something you’ve written?  I have, and it made me a little uncomfortable, it wasn’t a family member I felt close to, and it felt like she was a lurker just being snoopy. Ugh!  I am grateful for anyone who finds what I write to be interesting enough to return again, but please take a moment to at least say “hi” now and then, ok?  🙂

Have you ever used a pen name or a nickname? 


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Author: Josie Two Shoes

I've been blogging off and on since August of 2006. I adopted the pen name Josie Two Shoes in 2007 as I began a new chapter of my life standing on my own two feet. Now I'm married to the man of my dreams; we live in dusty West Texas with a house full of furkids. I am an Aquarian by birth, and although I am past sixty and slightly frayed around the edges, my fascination with this thing called life continues. Faith, family, and friends are important to me; so are honesty, trust, tolerance, compassion and kindness. I'm pretty up front about most things, so if you want to know something more about me, just ask! :-) You can also reach me by email and find me at my Facebook page.

28 thoughts on “A to Z – The ABC’s of Me: J”

  1. No pen name but while my full name is Janet, shortly after high school I started introducing myself to everyone as Jan. Almost no one knew that my full name was Janet except for my family and high school friends. Fast forward to about 6 years ago when I went through this “I need to find myself” phase and I started my Etsy shop. I knew something was missing so I went back to using my full name. I feel like I have come back into being me, if you know what I mean.

  2. Aha, thanks for sharing this wonderful story about how your pen name came to be. I use violaetcetera sometimes, but I feel too connected to my real first name, which is obviously Viola, to look for something completely different.

  3. Names are funny things and using different ones seem to have different meanings. My name is quite often shortened with family, at work with colleagues it is always the full length version and with the people with learning disabilities that i support it could be anything – Rita, Tanita (i actually quite like that one), Asinitta (i don’t like that one and surely it’s easier to remember Anita than that mouthful?) and Nies, to name but a few of the more regular ones. So i guess what i am saying is what is in name? Does it matter what you are called or is it the person who is calling you it that matters?
    Great blog by the way, i’m enjoying reading your posts.

  4. Josie fits you like well, like a good shoe. 🙂 I am surprised sometimes when people I know refer to my blog. I tend to think the only people who read it are my on-line friends who participate in link ups. My paid wordpress.org blog was hacked and I couldn’t use some of the features I wished (JetPack). That felt creepy and so did the person who hacked my Instagram account and replaced my photo of flowers with a naked butt. I had some trouble getting rid of that but I did. Now Facebook tells me that one of my friends visited a site that gave information to Cambridge Analytics. It’s a scary world out there, but I also choose to trust.

  5. I always think “Josie Two Shoes” sounds Native American. There are lots of last names like that around here. I have a name I use when I go to San Antonio Taco Company in Nashville (you fill out your own order and then hand it to the cashier, and they call your name when your food is ready). I use it at other restaurants occasionally, too, but it doesn’t really count as a pen name. Alias is more like it!

  6. Lovely post, Josie. I love the story behind your blog name.
    Moon is an abbreviation of my real name and who knows it better than you, around here. It would make me uncomfortable too if a family member were to sneak in and read my posts without acknowledgement, though I only write micro fiction, a relatively safer bet.

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